Argentina vs Samoa Team Lineups for Rugby World Cup 2023

Get the inside scoop on the Argentina vs Samoa team lineups for the Rugby World Cup 2023. This detailed article covers every aspect of the match, from starting players to replacements, and offers expert insights.

In the highly anticipated Rugby World Cup 2023, rugby fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the clash between Argentina and Samoa. The teams have announced their lineups, and it promises to be an epic battle on the field. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve deep into the lineups of both teams, providing you with valuable insights and expert analysis. So, grab your jersey and get ready for a thrilling ride through the Argentina vs Samoa showdown.

Argentina’s Starting XV

Let’s kick things off by taking a closer look at Argentina’s starting lineup. These are the players who will don the famous blue and white jersey and represent their nation in this epic encounter.

FullbackJuan Cruz Mallia
Right WingEmiliano Boffelli
Outside CenterMatías Moroni
Inside CenterSantiago Chocobares
Left WingMateo Carreras
Fly-halfSantiago Carreras
Scrum-halfGonzalo Bertranou
Loosehead PropThomas Gallo
HookerJulian Montoya (captain)
Tighthead PropEduardo Bello
LockGuido Petti Pagadizabal
LockMatias Alemanno
Blindside FlankerPablo Matera
Openside FlankerMarcos Kremer
Number EightJuan Martin Gonzalez

Now, let’s explore each player’s strengths and what they bring to the Argentina team.

Juan Cruz Mallia – The Versatile Fullback

Juan Cruz Mallia, Argentina’s fullback, is known for his versatility and exceptional field awareness. His ability to counter-attack and find gaps in the opponent’s defense makes him a key player to watch.

Emiliano Boffelli – The Prolific Scorer

Emiliano Boffelli, on the right wing, is a prolific scorer with an impressive try-scoring record. His speed and agility make him a constant threat to the opposition’s defense.

Matías Moroni – The Solid Midfielder

Matías Moroni, the outside center, provides solidity in Argentina’s midfield. He is a strong tackler and a reliable distributor of the ball.

Santiago Chocobares – The Playmaker

Santiago Chocobares, at inside center, is the playmaker of the team. His ability to read the game and create scoring opportunities is crucial for Argentina’s success.

Mateo Carreras – The Speedster

Mateo Carreras, on the left wing, is known for his lightning-fast pace. He can turn a half-chance into a try with his sheer speed.

Santiago Carreras – The Playmaking Fly-half

Santiago Carreras, the fly-half, is the orchestrator of Argentina’s attack. His vision and playmaking skills will be vital in setting up scoring opportunities.

Gonzalo Bertranou – The Scrum-half Maestro

Gonzalo Bertranou, the scrum-half, is a maestro at controlling the tempo of the game. His quick distribution and decision-making are essential for Argentina’s fluid gameplay.

Thomas Gallo – The Solid Loosehead Prop

Thomas Gallo, at loosehead prop, provides stability in the scrum. His strength and technique make him a reliable anchor in the front row.

Julian Montoya – The Inspirational Captain

Julian Montoya, the hooker and team captain, leads by example. His leadership and work rate inspire the entire team.

Eduardo Bello – The Dependable Tighthead Prop

Eduardo Bello, at tighthead prop, is a dependable force in the scrum. His scrummaging skills will be crucial in gaining the upper hand.

Guido Petti Pagadizabal and Matias Alemanno – The Towering Locks

The locking duo of Guido Petti Pagadizabal and Matias Alemanno adds height and athleticism to the forward pack. Their lineout prowess and physicality are assets to Argentina.

Pablo Matera and Marcos Kremer – The Flanker Powerhouses

Pablo Matera and Marcos Kremer, the flankers, are known for their physicality and ability to disrupt the opponent’s play. They are relentless in the tackle and breakdown.

Juan Martin Gonzalez – The Dynamic Number Eight

Juan Martin Gonzalez, the number eight, brings dynamism to the back of the scrum. His ball-carrying ability and support play are invaluable.

Argentina’s Replacements

In rugby, the replacements play a crucial role in maintaining the team’s momentum and energy. Here are the players who will be ready to make an impact coming off the bench for Argentina:

HookerAgustín Creevy
PropMayco Vivas
PropFrancisco Gómez Kodela
LockPedro Rubiolo
FlankerRodrigo Bruni
Scrum-halfTomas Cubelli
Fly-halfNicolas Sanchez
Back ThreeLucio Cinti

These replacements bring a wealth of experience and skill to the Argentina squad, ensuring that the team remains competitive throughout the match.

Samoa’s Starting XV

Now, let’s shift our focus to Samoa’s starting lineup. These players are ready to give it their all on the field and represent their nation with pride.

FullbackDuncan Paia’aua
Right WingNigel Ah-Wong
Outside CenterUlupano Junior Seuteni
Inside CenterTumua Manu
Left WingBen Lam
Fly-halfChristian Leali’ifano
Scrum-halfJonathan Taumateine
HookerJames Lay
PropSeilala Lam
PropPaul Alo-Emile
LockBrian Alainu’u’ese
LockChris Vui (captain)
Blindside FlankerTheo McFarland
Openside FlankerFritz Lee
Number EightSteven Luatua

Let’s dive into the strengths and attributes of Samoa’s starting players.

Duncan Paia’aua – The Attacking Fullback

Duncan Paia’aua, Samoa’s fullback, is a dynamic attacker who can break through defenses. His ability to join the line and create overlaps is a significant asset.

Nigel Ah-Wong – The Speedy Finisher

Nigel Ah-Wong, on the right wing, is a speedy finisher with a nose for the try line. He can capitalize on any open space and turn it into a scoring opportunity.

Ulupano Junior Seuteni – The Solid Outside Center

Ulupano Junior Seuteni, the outside center, provides stability in Samoa’s backline. His defensive prowess and distribution skills are vital.

Tumua Manu – The Inside Center Playmaker

Tumua Manu, at inside center, is the playmaker in Samoa’s midfield. His ability to create space and offload in tackles makes him a key player.

Ben Lam – The Powerhouse on the Wing

Ben Lam, on the left wing, is a powerhouse who can break tackles and gain crucial meters for Samoa. He’s a player who demands attention from the defense.

Christian Leali’ifano – The Strategic Fly-half

Christian Leali’ifano, the fly-half, is a strategic thinker who can control the game’s tempo. His kicking and decision-making are crucial for Samoa’s tactics.

Jonathan Taumateine – The Agile Scrum-half

Jonathan Taumateine, the scrum-half, brings agility and quick distribution to the team. He’s a link between the forwards and backs.

James Lay – The Reliable Hooker

James Lay, at hooker, is a reliable set-piece operator. His accuracy in the lineout and scrummaging skills are essential.

Seilala Lam and Paul Alo-Emile – The Prop Duo

The prop duo of Seilala Lam and Paul Alo-Emile adds power to Samoa’s scrum. They provide a strong platform for the team’s forwards.

Brian Alainu’u’ese and Chris Vui – The Lock Combination

Brian Alainu’u’ese and Chris Vui, the locks, form a formidable combination in the second row. Their athleticism and work rate are critical for Samoa’s set pieces.

Theo McFarland and Fritz Lee – The Dynamic Flankers

Theo McFarland and Fritz Lee, the flankers, are dynamic players who excel in turnovers and ball-carrying. They disrupt the opponent’s play and create opportunities.

Steven Luatua – The Versatile Number Eight

Steven Luatua, the number eight, is a versatile player who can excel in both attack and defense. His ability to link with the backs makes him a valuable asset.

Samoa’s Replacements

Samoa’s replacements are ready to make an impact when called upon. These players provide depth and versatility to the squad:

PropSama Malolo
PropCharlie Faumuina
PropMichael Alaalatoa
LockTaleni Junior Agaese Seu
FlankerSa Jordan Taufua
Scrum-halfMelani Matavao
Fly-halfAlai D’Angelo Leuila
Back ThreeDanny Toala

These replacements ensure that Samoa maintains its competitive edge throughout the match.


Q: What is the significance of the Rugby World Cup 2023?

The Rugby World Cup is one of the most prestigious events in rugby, featuring the world’s top teams competing for the coveted title. The 2023 edition promises to be a thrilling spectacle.

Q: Who is the captain of the Argentina team?

Julian Montoya serves as the captain of the Argentina team. His leadership will be crucial in guiding the team to success.

Q: What are the key strengths of the Samoa team?

Samoa boasts a powerful and dynamic forward pack, along with skillful backs. Their physicality and ability to gain ground will be essential in the match.

Q: How can I watch the Argentina vs Samoa match?

The match will be broadcasted globally, and you can check with your local sports channels or streaming platforms for availability.

Q: Are there any injury concerns for either team?

As of the latest updates, both teams appear to be in good shape without significant injury concerns. However, the matchday squad may vary.

Q: What are the historical performances of Argentina and Samoa in previous World Cups?

Both Argentina and Samoa have a rich history in the Rugby World Cup, with notable performances and memorable matches. Their encounters have often been intense and closely contested.


As the Rugby World Cup 2023 approaches, the anticipation for the Argentina vs Samoa clash continues to build. With both teams fielding strong lineups, fans can expect an exhilarating battle on the field. The players mentioned in this article represent the best of their respective nations, and their skills and determination will be on full display. Stay tuned for this epic showdown, and may the best team emerge victorious!

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