State Of Origin 2023 Venues

Get ready for an exhilarating experience as we explore the iconic State of Origin 2023 venues, showcasing the electric atmosphere of rugby league’s greatest rivalry.

Rugby league fans, buckle up for the ride of your life as we take you through the awe-inspiring State of Origin 2023 venues.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the heart-pumping, adrenaline-fueled atmosphere of this legendary sporting event, as the fierce rivalry between New South Wales and Queensland unfolds across three epic matches. With top-notch stadiums in Adelaide, Brisbane, and Sydney, the State of Origin 2023 promises to be a truly unforgettable experience. Let’s dive into the details of each remarkable venue.

State Of Origin 2023 Venues

Game 1: Adelaide Oval – A Stunning Kickoff to the Series

Wednesday, May 31 – Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

The Adelaide Oval, a world-class venue with a rich history and tradition, will host the opening game of the State of Origin 2023 series. Boasting a unique blend of heritage architecture and state-of-the-art facilities, the Adelaide Oval provides an exceptional setting for the fierce competitors to showcase their skills. Let’s explore the iconic features of this amazing venue:

Historic charm with modern amenities

The Adelaide Oval has undergone significant renovations in recent years, combining its rich past with contemporary enhancements. Visitors can expect outstanding amenities and services to enhance their experience.

Unrivalled atmosphere

With a seating capacity of 53,500, the Adelaide Oval delivers an electrifying atmosphere that’s hard to match. The energy of the roaring crowd will be palpable as the series kicks off.

Game 2: Suncorp Stadium – A Battle Royale in Brisbane

Wednesday, June 21 – Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

The second game of the State of Origin 2023 will take place at the iconic Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. Known as the spiritual home of rugby league in Queensland, this venue promises a high-octane showdown between the two rival teams. Here’s what to expect at this phenomenal stadium:

Impressive capacity and world-class facilities

Suncorp Stadium, with a seating capacity of over 52,000, provides an unmatched experience for spectators. The modern facilities and impeccable amenities make it a favorite among fans.

A true home-field advantage

As the heart of Queensland rugby league, Suncorp Stadium’s passionate fans create an intimidating atmosphere for visiting teams. The second game of the series is sure to be a heated contest.

Game 3: Accor Stadium – A Decisive Showdown in Sydney

Wednesday, July 12 – Accor Stadium, Sydney

The State of Origin 2023 series will come to a thrilling conclusion at the magnificent Accor Stadium in Sydney. This modern arena boasts cutting-edge technology and amenities, providing an unforgettable experience for fans. Let’s delve into the features that set this venue apart:

Innovative design and exceptional facilities

The Accor Stadium is designed with fans in mind, offering superb sightlines, comfortable seating, and top-tier amenities. The stadium’s capacity of 83,500 ensures an electric atmosphere for the decisive match.

A fitting finale

As the largest stadium in the series, the Accor Stadium provides a fitting stage for the thrilling climax of the State of Origin 2023. With the passionate New South Wales supporters filling the stands, the final game promises to be an unforgettable battle of wills and skills.

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What are the dates for each game in the State of Origin 2023 series?

Game 1 will take place on Wednesday, May 31 at Adelaide Oval, Adelaide. Game 2 is scheduled for Wednesday, June 21 at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, and Game 3 is set for Wednesday, July 12 at Accor Stadium, Sydney.

How can I purchase tickets for the State of Origin 2023 series?

Tickets can be purchased through the official NRL website or authorized ticketing partners. Keep an eye on the NRL’s social media channels and website for updates on ticket availability and sale dates.

What can I expect in terms of entertainment at the State of Origin 2023 venues?

Each State of Origin 2023 venue offers unique entertainment options, including pre-game and halftime shows, food and beverage facilities, and fan zones for supporters to revel in the excitement of the series. The electric atmosphere and camaraderie among fans make each game an unforgettable experience.

Are the State of Origin 2023 venues accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, all three venues – Adelaide Oval, Suncorp Stadium, and Accor Stadium – have provisions for wheelchair access, accessible seating, and amenities to ensure that everyone can enjoy the games comfortably.

What are the best ways to get to each State of Origin 2023 venue?

Each stadium is well-connected by public transport. Adelaide Oval is easily accessible by train, tram, and bus. Suncorp Stadium is just a short walk from both the Milton and Roma Street train stations. Accor Stadium is connected to the Sydney train network and can also be reached by bus or ferry. Check the respective stadium websites for detailed information on transport options.


The State of Origin 2023 venues – Adelaide Oval, Suncorp Stadium, and Accor Stadium – each offer a unique and thrilling backdrop for the fierce rivalry between New South Wales and Queensland.

As the series unfolds across these iconic arenas, fans can expect intense matchups, electrifying atmosphere, and unforgettable memories. With state-of-the-art facilities, incredible entertainment options, and easy accessibility, the State of Origin 2023 series promises to be a must-attend event for rugby league enthusiasts. So, mark your calendars and gear up for a riveting journey through the world of rugby league’s greatest rivalry.