Mike O’Callahan Grooms Award

Best Groom in CCI3*

Mike O’Callahan was Stable Manager for many years at Sydney International Horse Trials – and for many other events around Australia.  He always made time for the grooms, made sure they had everything they needed to get their horses ready for their rider on time – and make life at an event as uneventful as possible.

Awarded to grooms as a recognition of their hard work, dedication and long hours and the love of their horses. They are unsung heroes.

Past Winners

2003 Amy McGregor

2004 Helen Tagg

2005 Penny King

2006 Emma Armstrong

2007 Equine Inluenza

2008 Daniel Power

2009 Edwina Blackney


2010 Joanne Webb

2011 Jessica Grosmann

2012 Kate Kerslake

2013 Sharon Waldren NZL

2014 Michelle Robson

2015 Sarah English

2016 Rachel Watts

2017 Daphne Jackson