January 2014

Clinic Results for open flagged course

2013 Three Day Event


Young Event Horse

2012 Three Day Event

Spreadsheet with results from NSW eventing including Sydney International

2011 Three Day Event

Three Day Event

Young Event Horse

Results are posted live from the eventing competition so you can follow your favourite riders, see the standings, dressage scores and penalties throughout the competition. We even post a cross country analysis of who had penalties at what fence.

2011 World Cup Results

2011 Eventing

2011 Jumping

2011 Young Event Horse

2011 Young Jumping Horse

Past Winners

Sydney’s Weekend of World Cups

2011 – (Eventing) Clarke Johnstone (NZL) & Orient Express

2010 – (Eventing) Chris Burton & Holstein Park Leilani; (Show Jumping) Jamie Kermond & Colthaga Full Eventing Results

2009 – (Eventing) Megan Jones & Kirby Park Irish Jester; (Show Jumping) Chris Chugg & Vivant

Sydney Three Day Event

2010 – Heath Ryan & Mystery Whisper

2009 – Wendy Schaeffer & Koyuna Sun Storm

2008 – Heath Ryan & Mystery Whisper

2007 – Sonja Johnson & Ringwould Jaquar (event actually run April 2008 due to EI)

2006 – Sharmayne Spencer & Mega Star

2005 – Wendy Schaeffer & Koyuna Sun Magic

2004 – CCI3* (long format) Heath Ryan & Flame; CCI3* (short format) – Rebel Morrow & Oaklea Groover

2003 – Kadi Eykamp & Seal

2002 – Sammi McLeod &  Frederick Hunter

2001 – Megan Jones & Irish Hallmark

2000 – Amanda Ross &  Otto Schumaker (this was held in May 2000 at Lochnivar)

2012 Show Jumping Results









Results for All jumping classes (tabs in spreadsheet)


grand final

Greater Sydney World CupTM Jumping Qualifier


1.20m Open AM5(Friday)

1.10m Open AM7(Sunday)

1.20m Open AM2(Sunday)


Amateur Rider (Saturday)


1.45m Open (Saturday)

1.30m Open (Sunday)

1.30m Open (Friday)

OTT Equipment Young Horse classes 4 to 7 year olds

Part of the ESP and Oaks Sport Horses Young HorseMini Series

Young Rider AM5 (Sunday)

Junior Rider A2(Sunday)





Results Here