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Links from our photographers to their images of Sydney international Horse Trials over the years

Thank you to all the photographers who have sent us their links


Cross Country Day

Action shots and remarkable facial expressions!

from Rhys Carleton-Carlos and Candice Quatermain Photography 

horse through water

94 photos from Franz Venhaus

Franz Venhaus pics

The Day Before… Thursday 24 April 2014

Some lovely shots from behind the scenes from our Sponsor Visy’s photographer Rhys Carleton-Carlos


Photos from 2013

stuart tinney and pluto mio

3* award ceremony

Main Event Photography

Reverend William Stewart

Badger Photography 

Franz Verhaus

94 photos from Franz Venhaus

More photos from Franz Venhaus

ANZAC Dawn Ceremony

Trans Tasman Teams commemorate ANZAC Day

Trans Tasman Teams, officials and volunteers commemorate ANZAC Day

Rod Winchester

Long time volunteer Rod Winchester read the Ode.


Anwen and CarrieArtist Anwen Keeling and Operations Director Carrie McInnies setting up with Anwen’s Dalmation Pluto

Plant Decorations

Adding the floral decorations

watering plants

With some hot days ahead its important to keep the plants well watered

jump 1

Carrie McInnies creates “Sydney” in pansies


Sydney 2012 Three Day Event –  check these out…

shane rose and taurus

Main Event Photography all phases, all classes of the 3DE

Furdography 3DE and Showjumping. Video of Shane Rose and Taurus

ESJ cross country action

Simon Chillingworth Showjumping young Rider Class

Simon Chillingworth Three Day Event

2011 Three Day Event

Furdography Highlights – capturing the whole atmosphere of the event

Furdography complete gallery

trot up

Christine Bates by Furdography (right)

Horse Deals Gallery

Equestrian Life

Franz Venhaus

Anatole’s photos of the Harbour IT Three Star

2011 Weekend of World Cups

Heaps of fantastic photos from the Weekend of World Cups at


3 star Dressage, Cross country, Junior jumping class, Horsezone 1.20m class, Bareback show jumping.

Franz Venhaus

Cross country Action Shots

Galleries from 2010 and 2009